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  • Jingdong Yumei

    Jingdong Yumei, located in Yanjiao Development Zone near Beijing, is the only Grade III-A renal disease specialized hospital in China up to the end of 2014. It was designated as a National Key Clinical Discipline Unit in 2013 by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a National Ke

  • Henan Yumei

    Henan Yumei, located in Qi County, Henan Province, is a Grade II-A and the largest private for-profit renal disease specialty hospital in Henan in terms of registered bed and it is one of China’s earliest private renal disease specialty hospitals.

  • Henan Plastic Surgery

    Henan Plastic Surgery is a cosmetic plastic surgery specialized hospital in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. It has over 10 years of operating history since 2004 and it ranked first among cosmetic plastic surgery hospitals in Henan province in terms of revenue in 2014.

  • Sanhe Dongcheng

    Sanhe Dongcheng, a community hospital integrated with Jingdong Zhongmei, is a Grade-I general hospital. Sanhe Dongcheng serves its local community, providing basic medical services such as general pediatric nursing, immunization as well as other supplementary departments and clinics such as obstetri

  • Zhuzhou Tongji

    Zhuzhou Tongji, the second largest private renal disease specialized hospital in Hunan Province since 2014 in terms of registered number of beds, received approval from the Zhuzhou Health Bureau to establish Zhuzhou Tongji in 1999. Now, Zhuzhou Tongji has developed into a hospital specializing in di

  • JingDong Zhongmei

    Jingdong Zhongmei is a Grade II general hospital situated in Yanjiao Development Zone of Langfang City in Hebei Province. Jingdong Zhongmei was awarded as one of the Most Valuable Private Hospitals during the China Private Hospital Development Conference in 2015 and a Key

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